wns oil gas fired boiler manufacturer

  • .The WNS Series steam boiler is three-return fired tube steam boiler with wet back structure. The high temperature flue gas is injected into the atmosphere after convection heat transfer through the reversal chamber into the first flue tube bundle, and the the front smoke box with turning 180℃ into the second flue tube bundle.
    The structure of WNS Series steam boiler is compact and reasonable. This boiler is composed of three parts: boiler body, chimney and piping system. Body and chimney have been manufactured in our factory. Piping system will be installed, when it is transported to the site, we will connect to the gas source, power, and water mains. The quality of product can be guaranteed.
  • Available fuel: diesel, light oil, food oil, heavy oil; natural gas, LPG, Propane, biogas;
  • Application field: Service industry (Hotel, Laundry, School, Hospital, Central heating, etc.), Processing industry (Food & beverage processing plant, Plastic processing plant, Paper mill, Textile mill, Pharmaceutical factory, Animal feed factory, Bio-diesel refinery, etc.)
  • wns oil gas fired boiler manufacturer

    wns oil gas fired boiler manufacturer

  • Characteristics of the product:

    1. Boiler adopts wet back & three-pass structure to improve thermal efficiency and extend the boiler service life.
    2. Burner adopts two stages progressive, fuel combustion can achieve automatic adjustment to save energy, also decrease dust / SO2 / NOx emission.
    3. Complete system can achieve automatic burner control control & water pump control & water level indication & alarming & safety indication.
    4. Thermal efficiency can improve 2-3% with energy saver.

  • Why do you choose our boiler? 

    1. Lower dust emission & SO2 emission & NOx emission, dust emission concentration < 30mg/m³, SO2 & NOx emission concentration < 18mg/m³.
    2. We supply 2 units water pump (one duty one standby) which from the famous pump manufacturer.
    3. Boiler can achieve automatic temperature control & pressure control & feed water control & feed fuel control & safety indication. We also freely supply you a set of inner parts of electric controller for standby.
    4. Boiler with stainless cladding, anti-corrosion & anti-rust & beautiful appearance.
    5. Comprehensive after-sales service. We can design layout drawings of boiler system according to your actual requirement. Also can dispatch engineer to guide installation & commissioning.